Tuesday, 7 January 2014


Welcome to Worlds of Ink, reader.

This is a blog of world-building and tabletop roleplaying games. Some of the content will be pure world-building, with attention towards potential as a setting for prose fiction as well as potential for gaming. The gaming content will vary between homebrew rules, adventures, and actual play reports. I may also post the stats I’m using for a various NPCs seen in game.
That said, I figure I should give a small look into my current projects.

A pure world-building project. Nova is a world in which the ground is covered in a toxic fog and humankind scrapes out an existence on a series of gigantic floating structures. The primary focus of the setting are the Scavengers, people who climb down into the toxic fog, protected only by primitive gas masks, and raid the ruins of long dead civilizations. Technology is a mix of medieval and modern. People fight off dangerous wildlife with swords and spears, but grow some of their food with hydroponics. Magic exists, but is limited to relics retrieved from the ruins below, and whatever minor miracles the mysterious priest caste conjures.

A Voice in the Dark
An adventure for Eclipse Phase and the first actual play report. The players are a group of Firewall Sentinels sent to Aphrodite Prime, a habitat floating in the Venusian atmosphere. They were sent to investigate a suspicious terrorist bombing by their clandestine organization. I’ll eventually post the entire adventure, after the actual play (and the game) is finished.

The Fisher Kings
The second actual play is a dark take on the superhero genre. I’m running this game in Arc Dream’s Wild Talents and with a different group from the first AP. The heroes here have suddenly gained superpowers in a world that was very similar to ours until just under a week before the game began. They aren’t the only ones who gained superpowers; in fact, they’re right about in the middle of the scale. Unluckily for the PCs, the people with the most power seem unhinged. They have to deal with hiding their identities from the authorities, who see them as a threat, while simultaneously dealing with superpowered villains too powerful for the mundane people of their city. All in all, the deck seems stacked against them, even with their superpowers.

On top of the projects I’ve listed above, I have a few other projects I won’t mention here. They’ll pop up whenever I have some new material for them.
Lastly, I’m hoping to create another blog for short fiction. You may see some familiar worlds when that starts up.
Hope you enjoy!

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